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‘I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. ‘ Psalms 143:5


David prays this to God as he is being pursued by people out to kill him. He is not remembering how things were so good for him long ago, nor wishing that he was back in the “good old days”. David remembered how God came and helped him and the works God has done. He was praising God for what He has done to build his faith in what God will do. I have the tendency to do the opposite and be more like the Israelites who always complained about how things were better back then in Egypt. The difference is that David allowed what God had done, to build his faith.

David set his trust in God, the only One who could do something about the situation. When we focus on what God has done and meditate on His works, we set our trust in Him, we set our focus upon the God who can save. But if only look at the past and regret and complain about how things were so much better, we set our focus on our problem.



This morning was one of those days that I began to wonder about things, especially my shortcomings, and why things are not how I think they should be. God lead me to this verse to reset my view.

1) Recall the wonderful things that God has done. I know that I don’t write down all the things that God has done for me, but I need to start writing super important ones down. This way I can recall things easier and I will be able to build my faith in Christ.

2) Praise God for all He has done. I need to just pray to God thanking Him for all the stuff He has done for me. There need to be more occasions where I come before Him with requests, and although He hears my requests, praising Him will be so much better. I will begin to see that God is moving in my life and my trust and faith in Him will be strengthened.



Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for teaching me about where my focus should be and for all that you have done and are doing in my life. I chose to meditate on Your works versus the worries that I have. Thank you for showing me how to build my faith in you. I love you and thank you so much! Holy, holy, holy are you Lord God Almighty! In Your Name Jesus. Amen!

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