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Be Still


“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices!”

Psalms 37:7 ESV


Be still before the Lord is trusting in His timing and not worrying or fretting over things. Waiting patiently for God is resting in promises. David did not take things in his own hands even when pursued to be killed by Saul. He waited patiently for the Lord to carry out His will in this situation. We often can get antsy especially when we don’t see immediate results from our prayers. We begin to concoct plans and actions to relieve the situation. When things begin to get slightly desperate we may abandon our prayers and shift having faith in God to relying on our own devices. David is urging us to stop fretting and worrying about our challenges and wait patiently for the Lord. God will bring about His solution – we just need to build our trust in Him to be still and wait patiently. Additionally, we are not to just lay around and do nothing. David still needed to dodge,  avoid, escape, and be wise in order to keep from being killed by Saul and his pursuers. We too need to be wise and discern when we need to do something. Be still doesn’t mean do nothing, it means to rely upon God’s provision and providence. We need to be sensitive to where He is leading. It doesn’t take faith if you are just going to do something all yourself with no reliance upon the Lord. 


I know that I am one to begin to think about various plans and postulations to relieve any pressure that I may be going through. Specifically, I know that I have been concerned about my financial situation in the upcoming school year with Leo entering elementary school. I know that I began to worry about how to afford for paying another tuition on top of Malie’s. I struggled with comparing myself with others that are “well-off” and seem like they have no concerns over money. I tried searching for “third” jobs but nothing working out. This lead to doubt about my qualifications and even challenging my character. Yet, God has provided! He just wanted me to have faith that He is in control and that there is NOTHING He doesn’t know about. WhatI am learning through this season is:

  1. Don’t waste time fretting over stuff I have no control over, especially the future!
  2. He will bring me through it. 
  3. Faith will grow as I begin to wait patiently.

We are all wrapped in Him. he exists not just beyond the skies or in our heart. He is there in the very air we breathe. I need to take comfort that in His Kingdom, He still is in control.


Jesus, thank you for your provision. I know that there are times where I fret over things and try my best to take the controls. help me to release the feeling that if I don’t see you working, You ain’t doing anything. Help me to exercise my faith in You and your provision and providence. Thank you for the new job that you have blessed me with to be able to afford for Leo’s schooling and other expenses. I worship you and praise you for you are my Rock! I love you! In your name Jesus, AMEN!

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