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A Consistent Life


“For ‘the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you ,’ just as it is written.”

Romans 2:24



Paul was talking about the Jews that were proud of having the law of God but they were a disgrace to God because they did not do what they teach. Their actions were opposite to their beliefs causing non-Jews to blaspheme God’s name.




Is my actions causing people around me to praise God or to blaspheme His name? When people listen to what I say and look to what I do, they need to find consistency. They need to see that I am a man of my word, and that I live my beliefs, and my values are nonnegotiable.




Father, thank you for this Saturday. I pray for your protection upon my family. Winter is here and Yui still recovering from her cold. Help her to heal completely. In Jesus name I pray.

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