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Silence is Wisdom


Job 13:5 ESV

5 Oh, that you would keep silent, and it would be your wisdom!


Job not only suffered tremendous loss, but he also had to bear with his friends contradicting him as he presented his argument to God. His friends presented their ideas defending God’s decision to break Job down. However, as we find out in the end that God calls Job to pray for his friends for their inaccurate representation of God. We need to be discerning about when to talk and when to keep silent. Through learning this valuable gem of wisdom will we be able to be more compassionate with others and better hearers of God’s voice.


I often tell Leo, that he needs to stop talking and listen more. He talks so much that he often misses what we are telling him or what others are talking about. He does have a lot to say and it is wonderful that he loves to share his experiences and knowledge. However, there are occasions that he needs to learn to turn off his speaking and turn on his hearing and be silent. I think this applies to me in the sense that I come to God with a list of things I need, want, hope for, etc. It is often me telling God what I think should be a certain way or how He should answer. I also catch myself doing the same thing as Leo does, but with God. I felt a great confession that I need to start listening more to God than asking. I need to start waiting for Him to answer before telling Him how I want Him to answer. By always speaking, I tend to become more numb to God’s voice, because my voice is drowning out His. I need to start approaching God with less of my requests and listening to more of His.


Jesus, Thank you for convicting my heart with this verse today. I know that as I tell my son to be quiet, I think it is the same as you to me. I choose to stop making my voice heard to listen more to your voice. Please speak for your servant is listening. I love you! Amen!

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