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Luke 1:65 ESV
65And fear came on all their neighbors. And all these things were talked about through all the hill country of Judea,

God had done a miracle and as the neighbors of Zecharias and Elisabeth witnessed this miracle, they were fearful and trembled before God. They all came into a deep reverence and awe before the Lord. They probably worshipped and bowed their heads before God in response to the impossible made possible through the power of God. They all knew that this moment was none other than a divine meeting with God. It was also a testimony that God is there with his people and that prayers are heard, no matter how long it takes God does it in His perfect timing. What catches me is the reaction of the neighbors and the surrounding hill country. It had become a time of revival, a time of joy and expectation, a time to revere the Lord. Yet, today, when we hear about the good news of miracles, upfront we may celebrate, but do we have that deep reverence, that fear of God? That feeling of praise that is more than a quick “Hallelujah” rather it is a heart-rendering, bowing down of reverence for the miracle that just has happened?

I began to think about my attitude. I know I do praise God for people when their prayers are answered. However, they tend to remain there and no shared as a testimony of God’s power and provision. Additionally, I could have a bitter heart, wondering why my prayers weren’t answered like their’s were. My attitude needs to be at a place of humility and sincere praise and worship of the Lord. I need my attitude to be reverent to God and that though I am unworthy to be in his presence, I can humbly come before Him. I need my attitude to be where I am celebrating and making what God did a testimony to others.

Lord Jesus, please check my attitude. I ask that you reveal to me places that I have not surrendered to you and have set up areas that do not revere you. I repent and ask for your forgiveness of my pride and selfishness. I know you are a loving but omnipotent and all-powerful. I bow my heart and knee to you. I love you! Amen!

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