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The Attitude of the Lamb


“And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?’”

Revelation 5:2 NIV



The chapter 4 and 5 are formed by two parts of the same vision. The focus on the chapter 4 is the Creation, and the chapter 5 is the redemption and restoration and recreation.

The chapter 5 shows us that there are new things in the eternity.

This chapter opens by showing a scroll (or a book). There is no mention of what is inside of this book, it could represent a lot of things: the covenant of God, His laws, His promises, His plans, etc. But most likely, this celestial book contains God’s plans and destiny of the world.

Only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the plans and purpose of God to the history can be accomplished. So, the question of the angel is something like “Who is worthy to accomplish God’s plans and destiny for this world?”

John cries when he sees the book because even thou he wanted God’s plans and purpose to be accomplished, it seemed impossible.

The answers come right after. It is interesting that the messenger who is speaking to John shows him a Lion but John sees a Lamb. Jesus is at the same time, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who conquers and fights our battles and the Lamb that was sacrificed to buy with his blood people from every tribe, language, and nation.

On this chapter we see the contribution of each Person of the Trinity for the fulfillment of God’s purpose: the Father, the One who seats on the throne; the Son, as the Lion and the Lamb; and the Holy Spirit, represented by the seven horns and seven eyes of the Lamb.

On the old testament:

  • horns represent power, seven horns = omnipotence
  • eyes represent knowledge/wisdom, seven eyes =  omniscience



The message for the seven churches (and to us as well) is that in heavens honor, dignity and worthiness are for those who sacrifice themselves. Worthiness is in the attitude of the Lamb.



Lord, thank you for this Saturday. I pray that you teach me to be more like Christ. To have the same attitude of self-sacrifice to the good of others, with the goal to accomplish your plans and destiny to my life and others around me because it was by your blood that you bought us, people from all around the world. By your name that has the power to save I pray.

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