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Thank you


Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.


We live in a world where “thank you” and appreciation has lost some of its power. I’m not sure if it is because we live in a high-speed, ultra-convenient world, or we have had our priorities shifted because of changing and influential worldviews. This psalmist is reminding us to be thankful. Thank the Lord for He is good and we are loved forever. We thank God when things go our way and get upset at Him when it doesn’t. We think because we didn’t get what we had prayed for, how could God be so good? The simple truth is that He knows what is best and we need to trust Him that He does. We need to be thankful that He is looking out for our best as a father does for his child. He is good and nothing can take us from His love.


I think I have lately been becoming ungrateful and looking at challenges and setbacks as fuel for not being grateful. I have lost that simple trust in God that He knows what is going to happen and is creating for me a hope and future. I need to be more grateful for:

  1. my family. Sometimes they do things that really make me upset and I began to complain and grumble. I began to think about how selfish I have become. Lord, please forgive me for my ungratefulness toward my family.
  2. my work. I know I enjoy what I do but I know I have been operating in auto-pilot and I need to be doing my best.
  3. for God’s provision. This is something that I have been struggling with recently. I have been thinking, “ If only I had a better job, or done something else…” That thinking is showing my ungratefulness to God for what he has blessed me with.

I need to start looking for things to be gratefulness and open my eyes to all the things my loving Father is and has done for me.


Jesus, I confess my ungratefulness and I chose to began to open my heart and eyes to your goodness. I want to say thank you for all you are doing for me. Please open my eyes and heart to all you are doing. I love you! Amen!

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