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What kind of bread are you eating?

Scripture: Matthew 4:4 NIV

“Jesus answered,” It is written,: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”


When Jesus was being tempted to rely on Himself to create bread to satisfy His hunger, he answered the devil, stating that following God is more important than satisfying the desires of the flesh. It is easy to follow your fleshly desires and when it comes to a desperate point, would you disobey God just to satisfy your desire? Jesus says the “bread” that sustains him is the Word of God. Jesus also desires us to be fulfilled by the Word of God to satisfy our souls and heart. Jesus was not saying it was wrong to eat, rather He was saying by Him transforming the stones to bread would show Jesus’ reliance upon himself vs. reliance on God. Jesus knew that by resisting the devil and resting in the knowledge that God would satisfy his physical hunger after the testing, He would bring glory to God. He trusted in the Word of God and His promises. 

Today, everyone has a word of advice on everything, whether true or not. But when we listen to the world’s advice, often we are justifying our desire to be fulfilled our way, not the Lord’s. This kind of bread is not satisfying, rather it is the kind of bread that will cause you to crave more and more, yet leaving you even more empty. When we choose to listen to God, not only will he bring about the desires of our heart, He will do it in a way that will be completely satisfying. When we listen to the world, we hear, “Just get it because you deserve it.” “Just go for it because it will make you happy. Being happy is what really matters.” Those kinds of “bread” will leave us still hungry and worse off than before.


  1. I need to be in God’s Word more and make it a greater part of my life. It needs to be my staple and major part of where I go to get spiritually fed and for direction. People do give great advice, and many people are wise, but I need to test those words against the truth in the Word.
  2. I also need to “fast-forward” the movie to see what happens when I fulfill my flesh my way vs. waiting on God. I know there are things I want, but is it wise to get them without really waiting. I know I have bought things that have caused me “buyer’s remorse”, so I really need to be more discerning about getting things I want.
  3. Pray about my desires and wants. God already knows my wants and needs and He will provide them in due time. I need to learn to trust in his timing more than my own.


Jesus, thank you so much for blessing me with such a life-changing word. I know I do struggle with doing things my way and to satisfy me now. I ask for your help and guidance in times I am tempted to take things into my own hands just to satisfy what I think I need. Help me to have a discerning spirit to know what is just a passing desire and to I pray that you guide me when I am tempted. I love you and thank you for showing us how to live life here. In Your Name, Jesus. Amen!

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