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To Whom Do I Give Credit?

Scripture: ‘But he who boasts is to boast in the Lord . For it is not he who commends himself that is approved, but he whom the Lord commends.’ 2 Corinthians 10:17-18

Many people are into crediting themselves for the works of others and focused on boasting about their accomplishments. It is so common today as we see so many people trying to 1-up each other and even stealing credit where credit is due. In Corinth as well as today, we are in a period where it is all about me. How can I better myself, how can I make myself known, how can I get people to like me. People go to the extent of stepping on each other to get ahead. People on Instagram and other social media sites are doing outlandish things to get attention and acclaim. Paul is warning the Corinthians as well as us today, to be careful about who we are promoting.

There is a brand called He is Greater than I and it is one of my favorite brands. It stresses that we put God above and before us. But I know there are times, when even though I am wearing the shirt or hat, I put it backward, I am greater than t He. I know I have a tendency to people please and I fear that I could forget God.
I remember praying before the sermon on Sunday that God will humble me and keep me grounded such that I glorify Him and not myself. It is a difficult situation to be in but I felt so much happiness while giving God the credit for the message. It all came from Him anyway, so I need to be humble and also pray people will see God through me. I also need to keep from people pleasing. It is not people who should be approving things I do, rather it is God. May I please and bring Him glory!

Jesus, Thank you for what you did on the cross. I ask for forgiveness when I put myself before you and tried to do something I wasn’t capable of doing, which is holding the credit of what you do for me. I pray that you guide me in the ways that will bring you glory! Help me to remember you in every part of my life, day, hour and minute, and to never be in a place where I forgot the Author and Creator of my life. I love you! IN your Name, Jesus! Amen!

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