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Who is this Jesus in whom you say you have faith?


Scripture: Act 13:16-41, 44

Acts 13:44 (NIV) “On the next Sabbath almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord.”



In these verses (Acts 13:16-41), Paul passionately unfolds the story of Israel and starting from Genesis until Jesus’ death and resurrection (Acts 13:36). He repeats the history quite similarly to Stephen before he was stoned to death of which Paul (Saul) was holding the coats of those who were stoning Stephen. He boldly proclaimed exactly what the Gospel is all about, which is telling about Jesus and how the story of Jesus is rooted in the history of Israel. Paul was formerly a Pharisee and quite knowledgeable about the Mosaic Law. Through understanding how everything within the history of Israel fits with the proclamation of the coming Messiah, he could boldly exhort the Gospel. Paul displays the source of his faith with such magnitude that people could not help but be attracted to the Gospel.



When we truly understand the object of our faith, which is Jesus, how bold our testimony will become. When we are passionate about something, we do all we can to learn about it. When we share what we are passionate about people are attracted to it. I had to ask myself about my testimony about the Gospel. Am I so engulfed in knowing Jesus, that when I share about Him, people want to know more about Him? Do people believe that I have faith in Jesus when they listen to my testimony? I can share information about Him but it will be shallow and lifeless without that passion.


I feel that I need to start growing deeper in knowing Jesus deeper than now, that I cannot help but to be excited to share about Him!! I need to start going beyond my regular devotional readings. I know it is a start, however, it needs to be the intent to know Him. When I began dating my wife, I wanted to know what she likes and dislikes. I wanted to know what would make her happy and make her stoked. If I was so intent to know these things about her, I feel very convicted that I say that I love Jesus, but do I actually do the things I would do for someone with whom I am in love? As it states in Revelations, I think at times, my love has grown cold or lukewarm with periods of hot. It shouldn’t fluctuate like that but be a constant.



Jesus, I ask that you reveal yourself to me as I come to know more about you. I ask that you expand in my life so much that it becomes less of me but more of you. I so want to be so close to you that I cannot help but be passionate about sharing about all you are doing! I do love you and I ask that you teach me how to love you and how to have a heart like yours! In your Name, Jesus! Amen!

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