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“And they said to me, ‘You must prophesy again concerning many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.’”

Revelations 10:11


The book of Revelations is hard to understand because of its symbolical elements that is not common for people that isn’t used to read apocalyptic literature. That means, for most of us will not be easy. But this type of literature and its symbolical elements found in the book of Revelations are quite common for Jews. We can find in the Bible, other books with the same type of literature like Ezequiel, Daniel and Zachariah.

The main theme of this book is the affirmation that God rules the History and He will bring it to its consummation in Christ.

In this Bible verse, we see that through the power of the sacrifice of Christ, God’s purposes will be accomplished by redeeming a great multitude, blessing all the nations.



The abrahamic promise of blessings all the nations, includes Japan. It is a blessing to all tribes, peoples, tongues and nations. It is that through Christ all the world will be blessed. We must aim outward. We must expand. The church’s growth is not determined by the number of people that we have in our local church. It is not to grow the numbers inside our church but to expand the church to outside, to places where people did not hear yet about the sacrifice of Christ for us.



Lord, thank you for the winter camp we had this week with the teenagers of our church. I pray that their faith is strengthened. That they become the future leaders of this church. I pray for your protection for each one of them, in their school, families and daily routines. May they show Christ. In Jesus name I pray.

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