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Perspectives of the Character of Christ


“Each had a human face in the front, the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle at the back.”

Ezekiel 1:10 NLT


Ezekiel has seen a vision. Visions are very hard to be explained at the time because some of the visions were revealed only after Jesus. Jesus came to uncover the mysteries hidden before and brought light where seemed to be no hope.

The image of this 4 living beings and their faces represents the character of Christ himself. The face of a human represents the humanity of Christ; the face of a lion represents His royalty, majesty, kingship; the ox represents His humbleness as a servant and his sacrifice for our sins; and the eagle represents his divinity, as someone that is above all things and can see much further of what humans can.

The gospel is also represented there as well. Sometimes we mention “4 gospels”, but it is only one gospel. One gospel, seeing in 4 different perspectives according to Matthews, Mark, Luke, and John. They have 4 different perspectives of Jesus and how his stories were unfolded. All talk about the same thing, but looking from different sides of the characteristics of Christ.

Matthew sees the King side of Jesus. Through the whole book, we see mentions about the Kingdom of God. He portraits Jesus as the face of the Lion on the vision of Ezekiel.

Mark sees Jesus as a Servant. How Jesus life was surrounded by serving people and bringing himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the humanity. He portraits Jesus as the face of the ox.

Luke sees the human side of Jesus. His humiliation and surrender to come to earth as a man. Jesus often is called The Son of Man. Luke portraits Jesus as the human face.

John sees Jesus divinity. By the start of his book, he brings Jesus as God in the creation as the Verb. He portraits Jesus as the face of the eagle.



I can learn so much about Jesus just by imagine the picture of these living beings. Jesus is King, Servant, Human, and God. As a King, I must follow what he tells me to do. As a Servant, I must learn how to serve one another and put others above myself. As a Human, I see that Jesus faced trials and temptations but he overcome that because the Spirit was in Him. As a God, I understand that He has full authority, power, supremacy, and control of all things, and nothing catches him by surprise.



Lord, thank you that your love is overwhelming and reach me every day. Thank you that your word is so deep and keeps talking to my heart every day. Thank you for this day ahead, bless the meetings today and help us to see the bigger picture of where you are leading us. In Jesus name, I pray.

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