From Top to Bottom


“And the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom.” Mark 15:38 NLT


Since the fall of the humanity into sin, we got separated from God. Even through sacrifices and rituals of purification in the Old Testament, only high priest could go into God’s presence, which was behind the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple. And those sacrifices weren’t perfect, so they needed to repeat it every year.


This verse teaches me two things:

  1. Through Jesus death, the separation between God and humanity no longer exists. Today we have free access to our Father. We don’t have to go to a temple, nor offer sacrifices to come before God, neither wait for another event to meet our God. We are the Temple where the Holy Spirit of God dwells, and we can meet with him everyday, anytime.
  2. The curtain tearing from top to bottom shows me who broke the curse of sin, was God himself. We could not do by ourselves. He reached us because He loves us. Let’s remember this everyday.


Father, thank you that since the fall of humanity you already had a plan on how to rescue us from our own sins. Thank you that through Jesus, our sins were forgiven. You never abandoned us. I pray that my relationship with You grows deeper and stronger. Not only in events or at church, but in my everyday life, I pray you teach me to be a better version of myself. Help me to focus in the tasks ahead today. Help me to remember how you showed love to me, and how I can share the same love to others. Thank you for the Youth Event in Yomiuriland Illumination yesterday. I pray you keep speaking to the youth who attended the event, specially the ones that does not know you yet. 


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    Tantan says

    Wonderful!! Thank you Tidi!!

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